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Does MOBIAN itself provide a parking service?

MOBIAN itself does not provide a parking service and does not have its own parking areas. The MOBIAN platform only offers services from affiliated parties.

What does MOBIAN stand for?

MOBIAN is a smart network of mobility hubs that offers the possibility to reserve taxis, bicycle rental, car rental, transfers and train tickets in addition to parking spaces. This allows you to easily add the right products to a trip via one connection. MOBIAN is already offering taxis, bicycle rental and parking lots at airports in 40 countries, but the mobility products will eventually be added to this.

What is the goal of MOBIAN?

MOBIAN guarantees the best quality in the field of mobility products. In addition, we want to give you one point of contact for all these services and we try to make it as easy as possible for you to reserve these mobility products for your customers carefree.

What services does MOBIAN offer?

Short / Long parking: The customer parks the car at a parking provider in the parking lot. At most parking lots one is taken to the airport by a shuttle bus and picked up again, with other parties you park in a parking lot within walking distance of the airport. Valet Parking: at Valet Parking your customer drives directly to the airport, where a driver of the chosen parking provider will wait for your customer at the agreed location. He will receive the car and park it for you at a nearby parking lot. Upon return, the car is driven back to the airport, so that it is ready for your customer at the agreed location. Parking & overnight: your customer has an overnight stay before or after the trip in a hotel near the airport. During the journey, the car of your customer stays parked at the hotel and they take care of the transfer between the hotel and the airport. Taxi: on the day of departure, the customer is picked up by a taxi at the agreed time. This puts customers at the departure hall of the airport. Upon return, the taxi driver will pick up your customers at the airport and drop off at home. Park & Taxi: The customer parks the car at a parking provider in the parking lot. A private taxi is waiting for you to bring you to the airport. Upon return, a taxi is waiting for you at the airport and will bring you back to the car park. Park & Bike: With Park & Bike you easily park at the parking lot. The reservation is including bikes, that you can use during your parking time. This way your car is safely parked, while you visit the city by bike. Fast, easy and affordable!


  • Easily and quickly booked.
  • Always the best quality.
  • Without a worry a parking space that always fits your needs.
  • No hidden costs.
  • MOBIAN is ready for you via email, chat, WhatsApp and telephone.


Can I book if I do not know my flight details yet?

You can place a reservation if the flight details are not yet known. You can set the times at 12:00 and as soon as the flight times are known, you can adjust them yourself in our Dashboard or have them changed via contact@mobian.global or WhatsApp via +31 (0) 6 198 648 67. Pay attention! Some parking providers calculate their price per 24 hours. This may cause the price to change when adjusting the flight times. It is also important to indicate the time that your customer arrives at the location. Do not take flight times as standard!

Can I change / cancel my reservation?

It is possible to change or cancel your reservation. Did you create the booking via our Dashboard? Then you can easily process this yourself. Need assistance? You can send an e-mail to contact@mobian.global or WhatsApp (+31 (0) 6 198 648 67). If the customer wishes to cancel a booking, this can be done via MOBIAN up to 48 hours before the reserved start time of the booking. Within the cancellation period, the cancellation fee will be 100%. You can choose to book a service package for 10% of the booking costs while booking. A Booking can, in this case, be cancelled by the client until the reserved start time. As soon as the start time has expired, the booking can no longer be cancelled. No refund will be given even if you cancel after departure or when you leave the parking lot before.

Can I change my chosen car park to another car park?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. We offer several independent parking providers. We can not transfer the reservation to another parking provider. You can cancel the booking up to 24 hours before departure through us free of charge.

Does the parking lot have disabled parking spaces?

There are no disabled parking spaces at the surrounding external parking providers. The parking places of the airport itself have these places.

How do I make a reservation via BAS/Fadiro?

Via BAS you can book our offer via ‘Services’ or My Travel Overview. If you have already created a customer file for the customer, the airport, flight details and times are automatically filled in. Pay attention! Always check this, also with a view to eg flights after 00:00 countries! After this you can choose from the following services:

  • Short / Long term parking
  • Valet Parking
  • Park & walk (parking within walking distance)
  • Park & sleep (parking and staying overnight)
And the following services:
  • Indoor
  • Key conservation
  • Charge electric car
  • Electric charging Tesla
  • Electric charging Plug-in
On the basis of the choices, an offer is shown which is sorted on price from low to high. In addition, we show a short description with a number of USPs, so that you can make a choice more easily.

How do I make a reservation?

After you have logged in, select ‘create booking’ in the Dashboard. Then choose the desired service, and fill in the airport and departure and return date. Then you compare the providers of that service with price and extra features. Fill in the rest of the reservation form. After completion, you will receive a confirmation email with all necessary information.
Pay attention! If you want to receive the confirmation yourself, always enter your own e-mail address.

How does MOBIHUB Park & Taxi work?

With MOBIHUB Park & Taxi you can easily park on a parking near the airport or any other location you choose. A cheap parking place where a taxi is waiting for you to take you to the final destination.
On the day of departure, you will receive a text message from the taxi centre with the number of the taxi. Call this number 15 minutes before you arrive at the parking. As soon as you arrive at the parking lot, the taxi will be ready for you. The taxi (not the shuttle bus) takes you from the parking lot to your destination. Upon your return, you will receive another text message, again call the number in the text to indicate that you want to be picked up again. Please note, this number may differ from the number you called on the outward journey. A taxi will be waiting for you at the agreed place to take you back to the parking.

How long does it take for my customer to arrive at the airport?

For all car parks, it is stated how long the estimated travel time to the airport is. We advise calculating around 30 minutes for the parking procedure.

How many people can be transported in the shuttle bus?

Most shuttles carry 8 people at a time. Some car parks charge a small surcharge per person from 5 persons, which must be paid on the spot (cash).

I have not received a confirmation email?

If there is no confirmation email in your inbox, it is useful to first look in the spam box. If the confirmation email has not been received there, please contact MOBIAN via contact@mobian.global or WhatsApp (+31 (0) 6 198 648 67).

I have reserved a parking space. Does my customer have to hand in the car key?

This differs per provider. When you make the reservation there is indicated per provider if it is possible to keep the key or that it should be left at the parking. With some providers, you pay a small surcharge for taking the key. This must be paid in cash.
Please note, in some cases, the parking provider may still decide that the key must be left at the parking lot.

Is it mandatory to print the reservation confirmation?

Some car parks require a printed confirmation, so we always advise you to print the confirmation.

My client is in a wheelchair, can he / she take the shuttle bus?

If the wheelchair is collapsible, it can always be transported in the shuttle bus.

My customer comes back earlier or my flight is delayed. What should I do?

If the arrival is more than two hours earlier or later than specified on the reservation, please ask your customer to contact the parking provider directly. The contact details can be found on the voucher.

My customer comes with another car, is that possible?

Yes, that’s no problem. Send us a message via contact@mobian.global or via WhatsApp +31 (0) 6 198 648 67.

Travel agent discount

See is sell! That is why we want to give you the opportunity to experience our product yourself so that you can bring our services even more to the attention of the customer. Easily book your parking space with 20% agent discount via www.mobian.travel/travelagentdiscount. The discount is not yet included in the prices that are shown. The booking must be paid immediately by IDEAL, credit card or the other payment options that are shown. Please send us an email (contact@mobian.global) afterwards and we will refund you 20%. Requirements:

  • You can use the travel agent discount once a year.
  • We can only process a discount on bookings made through www.mobian.travel/travelagentdiscount.
  • Discount does not apply to any booked options.
  • After booking, you will receive a confirmation by mail.
  • MOBIAN reserves the right to change or stop the action in the interim.
  • Discount does not apply to sleep & fly and to Schiphol P3

What are the maximum dimensions of the car?

Parking lots generally do not charge extra for a higher car when the car is parked outside. With covered parking, you can maintain a maximum height of 2.10. For other questions about the dimensions of the car, you can contact us via contact@mobian.global so that we can advise a suitable parking space. Parking lots often charge extra costs if the car deviates from the standard dimensions.

What are the opening times of the parking lot?

The opening times are normally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the parking has different opening hours this is mentioned at the website. Important to know is that the parking spaces always take into account the first and last flight of the day. However, it can be that the shuttle service is not running and the transportation to the parking lot is on your own expenses.

What are the shuttle times?

The shuttle buses have a flexible driving schedule, this applies to both the outward journey and the return journey.

What happens when there is damage on my car upon return?

MOBIAN is only responsible for the booking process. All aspects that belong to the parking provider’s services are outside the agreement that you have with MOBIAN. Of course, we are always willing to help and assist you in the contact between customer and provider. However, MOBIAN is in no way liable for the damage that may have occurred at the parking provider. If your customer wants to report damage, we advise you to always contact the relevant parking provider directly.
Please note: you are obliged to mention any complaints about the services of the parking provider and the alleged damage or theft, together with the driver at the time of returning the vehicle (immediately) to the contract. In the absence of this, we can not process the complaint.
Please note, the damage that has not been reported locally will not be processed.
The parking provider is not liable for damage caused by self-parking.

What time does my client have to be in the parking lot?

If you take a maximum handling time in the parking lot of half an hour plus the travel time to the airport you are always oke. Often you are on your way in no time.

Which date do I fill in for the sleep & fly arrangement?

Always enter the date that the customers will spend the night. So that is the day before departure. Specify the arrival time as the time that they arrive at the hotel. For the return journey, you enter the time and date of arrival, in combination with the return flight number.

Which date do I fill in when I leave or come back around midnight?

When filling in the data, it is important to keep the date on which your customer arrives at the location or when you land again. For example, if you leave at the airport on the 14th of July at 22:00 from the destination and land at the airport on 15 July at 1:00 a.m., you fill in the 15th of July for the reservation.

Which language do the employees of the car park speak?

At all car parks in the Netherlands, the employees speak Dutch. At the car parks located in Germany or Belgium, in some cases, the employees speak English, but in most cases, the employees speak German and French.

Which times should I enter for my reservation?

With shuttle parking, you enter the time that the customer expects to arrive at the parking lot. As far as the handling time from the parking lot to the airport is concerned, you can take a half an hour, then you are certainly right! Often you are on your way in no time.
At Valet parking you enter the time you expect to arrive at the airport.
Upon return, you state the time that the flight is scheduled to land. Also, enter the return flight number so that the parking is aware of any delays.

Why do I enter my return flight number?

The car parks always keep a close eye on the various flights. Therefore always enter your return flight number if known, so that they are aware of any delays.


How can I reach MOBIAN?

MOBIAN can be reached via the following contact options:

  • By telephone on weekdays between 09:00 and 13: 00h on +31 (0) 88 – 57 00 141.
  • WhatsApp on working days between 09:00 and 17: 00h on +31 (0) 6 – 198 648 67.
  • Mail on working days between 09:00 and 17: 00h via contact@mobian.global.
  • Outside business hours and on Saturday & Sunday you can send us a WhatsApp or email message. We will contact you as soon as we are online.
  • For urgent matters outside business hours and on Saturday & Sunday, like cancellation within 24 hours, please contact the parking directly. Please find the telephone number on your voucher.


When will I receive my invoice?

Every week we invoice the full amount of the bookings made in the previous week to the travel agents. In the first week of the following month after a customer has left, the commission invoice is drawn up and paid.


What is the complaints procedure?

In the unlikely event that something happens so that the service has not been satisfactory, you can submit a complaint in writing via MOBIAN. (contact@mobian.global) Is your customer at the parking? Then contact the relevant service provider directly, so that you can look directly at the solution. Requirements:

  • We need to receive your written complaint within 2 weeks after return.
  • We only handle complaints in writing. Send an e-mail to contact@mobian.global.
  • Complaints that have not been submitted to us in time can unfortunately not be processed.
Please note: you are obliged to mention any complaints about the services of the parking provider and the alleged damage or theft, together with the driver at the time of returning the vehicle (immediately) to the contract. In the absence of this, we can not process the complaint. Please note: damage that has not been reported locally will not be processed.
The parking provider is not liable for damage caused by self-parking.